Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rachel's 8!

Six days after Carmen's birthday is Rachel's birthday. During Rachel's birthday week, Sarai and Carmen attended a basketball camp from 9-3. July was the month of sport camps!

Even though all of her siblings were away during the day, Rachel had a great birthday. My mom and I took her to Build-A-Bear in the Natick mall. She made a bunny the looks like it has curly hair just like her.
Making the bunny, filling it with stuffing, giving it a heart and sewing it up only takes 5 minutes. The next hour we spent looking at outfits for the bunny. Rachel decided on pj's, slippers, fake Ugg boots, and an outfit from Justice (a store she likes to shop at). We had to lay all choices out on a table and decide on what to get. There seems to be more choices for these animals than you may find for yourself! Of course most of them will always look cute on the animal!

After you get your animal stuffed you get to "wash" it here in the tub area. There is a foot peddle that blows air on you and the animal.
If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Build-A-Bear you need to know that your animal is given a special cardboard box carrier. All of Sarah the bunny's clothing fit in the house with her. Rachel dressed her up as soon as we left the store.
We took her to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. The salads there are enormous. We didn't have dessert there because Rachel had spotted a gelato store and requested that. But before we left my mom asked the waiter if they could sing to Rachel even though she wasn't going to order dessert. Rachel has wanted people from the restaurant to sing to her. The waiter said that they would offer her some ice cream with a candle in it! She accepted and all the waiters in the restaurant sang to her. She loved it!

It was a great afternoon of mall shopping. Oh, I cannot forget that we discovered a great tea store and Rachel and I enjoyed sampling Chi teas. Rachel and Carmen will often have Chi when they gets home from school in the winter. Now I have great loose leaf tea to offer to them. I also bought some orange heels for my birthday from the Walking Store. My birthday is two days after Rachel's!
Rachel's dinner request was to go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant near us, Bauhini's . Isaac, Jenna and Aidan joined us. We returned home for cupcakes with gummy bears, sans frosting.

Rachel opens presents like most children, furiously!
Sarai gave her a new red ball so they can play the "red ball game" they invented for the swing set.

Carmen gave her more skinny legged jeans and a mask with snorkel. She received clothing and pool diving toys too.

But the fun gift of the evening was an inflatable tube to roll each other around the yard in. I am so thankful that we own an air compressor! This toy would have taken more than an hour to blow up with a hand pump!

Again, Zori tried to make a new bed from the tissue paper!

So much birthday fun at the Dancy household.

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  1. I'm glad Rachel had a good birthday. It's a good business

    that justice and build a bear have the same clothing for both girl and animal.