Sunday, August 23, 2009

N.C. pool fun

The pool was central for all of us to gather in . The kids played in the pool from sunrise to sunset. I think most of these pictures will tell you that story.

Some people have commented "how could you use a pool while you are at the beach?". My response is that the pool allowed the kids to continue to play while the adults ate and were able to take shifts watching the kids. Also, we did have a few days when the surf was too rough for most of the kids to enjoy the ocean. There was a hurricane off the coast that was creating very strong surf. We saw red flags out on a number of days. A red flag means that there can be an undertow somewhere along the beach. We stayed a private beach without lifeguards. Having the pool and zaccuzzi tub allowed everyone too enjoy the sun, feel cool and safe.

Here's Faye using shovels for the beach as oars in a tube.

Julie loved using the noodles as a floatation divise. It is amazing how well it works even with adults!

Sarai and Marita somehow sqeezed themselves into these small tubes. It isn't often that teens pose willingly for the camera. They too enjoyed the pool.

Sophia is a water baby! She loved swimming with Monica!

I was able to capture many pictures of Thomas and Cora playing in the water. Thomas just loved splashing, swimming and jumping into the pool.

Here he is wearing a float (one that Marita and Sarai were using earlier) jumping to Cora.

This pictures shows you how majestic the pool atmosphere was. I loved the tropical plants surrounding the pool area. Also, more of Thomas jumping into the pool.

These three, Rachel, Julie and Joey spent an amazing amount of time in the jacuzzi tub. I thought it would be fun to put them all together in one shot. They liked turning the cover into a tent over the tub.

I mentioned the tiki hut in the first hut. Here are Abram and Rachel enjoying salsa and chips in the hut. It was often the place for snacks and...

Drinks! I love how you can see the palm trees and the surf in the background. I had fun taking pictures of the landscape. I will share these with you soon.

I cannot remember which child asked me to take pictures of this grasshopper, but since he too was enjoying the pool side sitting on some goggles, I thought I would include him in this post.

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  1. Hey! Those are MY goggles! When did a grasshopper get on my goggles?!