Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Surpirse visit from Leah and Steve

August 7th, we had a surprise visit from Leah and Steve. Abram called me in the afternoon and told me that he had lunch with Leah, Steve, Jenna, Isaac and Aidan. I was surprised by the whole crowd. Leah had called Jenna to see her and Aidan. All of them met at one of our favorite deli's, Brad's. Rachel Carmen and I met up with them later in the afternoon and swam in the pool.

Rachel and Carmen climbed up on Leah's and Steve's shoulders and tried to play chicken.

The water was refreshing. Afterwards, everyone ended up at our house for dinner. It was nice to visit with Steve and Leah.

Steve always helps me out by defending my thoughts on running with Tobin. Tobin is my typical teen who thinks that mom doesn't know as much as a running buddy does. I had taken Tobin to a running store that spends a good amount of time looking at the foot and ankle and how they work in each shoe. Once we found a shoe for Tobin last year and I've stuck with it. He runs so many miles that I believe he's on the 5th or 6th pair of these shoes. Steve defended my decision to stick with the same shoe. Thanks!

Leah spent time with Rachel and shared her love of cross word puzzles. I can always count on her to solve all the crosswords she can find in my discarded papers.

I love getting surprise visits!

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