Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer fun

July 25th was a beautiful summer day. We spent the afternoon having good old fashion fun.

A game of monkey in the middle stopped when the red ball was hit to the top of our apple tree. We are lucky to have two large apple trees in our yard. Each usually produces over 300 apples each season. The trees are also over 25 feet tall. In order to get the ball out of the tree Abram had to climb into the tree and shake branches making the ball roll out. I remember how Abram could climb trees with such ease and rescue frizbees when we were dating. He still has the talent!

We had some pretzel fun with fruit and faces.
Notice Carmen's walrus-like tusks.

Played some basketball. Sarai has a sweet lefty lay-up. I'm so excited with the new camera. I was able to catch her in the air making the shot.

Rachel's new toy inflatable roller was again a main attraction.

Aidan and Carmen had some coupe fun.

Two years ago, for father's day I had a friend electriction wire up external speakers. Abram really enjoys playing his music out side. Really, all of us enjoy the outdoor music. Now with his new iPhone he can control our Squeeze Box and skip songs and fullfill requests. Cake is his new favoite band. Tobin and Sarai were playing around and trying to march to the beat of a song.

Later that evening, after Tobin's show was over, we sang happy birthday to the July girls.

I didn't get a picture of Jenna's 25, sorry!

"Peace to you all", Carmen and Sophie.

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