Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aidan's baptism, Joey's First Communion and the Blog Begins

This incredible job of blogging all began in Feb, 2009 during the weekend I traveled to CO to be at Joey's First Communion and Aidan's baptism. I was the only one from my family that went. It was the end of our February vacation. This was the first time I had traveled somewhere without my family. I brought my laptop with the Bourne Identity audio file downloaded onto it from the library. I grabbed one of Sarai's favorite books as a back up in case something happened with my book. Well, the audio file wanted to download something else while I was in the airport, but I wasn't willing to pay $10 to use Logan's Internet service. So I began to read Twilight. This began my love with these books.

In July of '08 we traveled to CO for a 2 week family vacation. The night we landed CO was the night that Breaking Dawn was being released. I remember how Sarai and Zoe waited in line at midnight the bookstore hoping to get one of the last books available. Sarai spent much of our vacation reading that book. Now it was my turn to see what was so captivating with these books. I was hooked within the first chapter.

It was odd to travel without the kids. Actually, it was a bit boring! There isn't anyone to chase, worry about, feed (other than yourself) or talk to. I did get to finish a whole book. It has been a very long time since I was able to do this. The other advantage of this weekend was that I could just be auntie. The afternoon before the baptism we went to an athletic club Jenna and Isaac were members at and we were able to play in their great water park.

Theresa is relaxing under a large waterfall. The water park had huge tubes pouring water out into the pool.

Thomas enjoyed climbing up the small slide.

Here you can see the tall tubes that were pouring water into the pool behind Thomas.

Julie floating happily.

Notice the tubes in the background. These are slides. One of them goes outside of the building! The kids really enjoyed traveling through these.
Joey and Jacinta used these tubes to travel through the tubes and then float in the roaming river.
Jacinta is fighting hard against the current of the lazy river to get up the stairs. There was much fun had at this indoor water park.
I loved being Auntie and able to walk around taking pictures of everyone playing in the pool.

Theresa, Thomas, Cora and Joey Leibig with Aidan.

Here's Jesse holding Aidan.

Here's Aidan!

Aidan's baptism:

What a great gathering from all over the US for Aidan's baptism and Joey's 1st Communion.

Joey Leibig is my godson and Isaac is his godfather. Cora and Mike were able to receive permission from their parish in MN and from Isaac's parish in CO to have Joey make his first communion in CO on the same day that Aidan was baptized.

Joey with Isaac and myself.
Theresa holding Aidan.

Jenna had gelato cakes made for the celebration.

I've got the sleeping baby!

Jacinta played some fuzzball at the restaurant we ate at after the baptism and 1st Communion.

Anthony is playing some pool. I love the fact there is a cycling photo in this bar. Boulder is a huge cycling area.
The irony is that it took more than a year to write this particular blog! It was the weekend that began my blogging and then end blog for the 09 album!

Abram and I are sooo happy to be on the plane for a two week vacation out west to Colorado, Utah and New Mexico!

Oh beautiful Colorado!

Abram and I borrowed a tandem from DaVinci Custom Bikes for the weekend. We rode over 70 miles in two days and bought our own bike for Massachusetts!