Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rachel's Fans at Basketball

Rachel played travel basketball this winter season.   She played basketball last year and didn't think she wanted to try out for it this year until her closest friend, Teresa, asked her to attend a tryout with her.  They made the same team and Rachel realized she loves basketball and is very good. 

Her games were played on Sundays. 
Last year she chose the number 23 which is the inverse of Sarai's number 32.

Rachel is a fantastic player.  She is able to steal the ball often and make fast breaks as pictured here.

I always enjoy watching her lay-ups.  Yes, this picture of the hoop looks odd.  At 5th grade they lower the hoops to 8 1/2 feet.  At this gym they cannot lower the hoops so they hung another hoop from the rim of the 10 foot hoop.  It was a bit difficult to adjust, but they managed.

Here is Rachel with Teresa and her game coach, Alex.  Alex lives across the street from us and is a senior like Tobin.
Rachel asked her siblings to come to see her games, but only Carmen made it before February vacation week.  Everyone was free at the end of vacation and planned to see one of her last games. 

Sarai made this sign for Rachel for the game.  Each letter is on a 8 1/2 x 11 construction paper.  She now displays it on her closet doors.

Here you see her cheerleaders! Bill, Sarai, Tobin and Carmne. Abram and I were there too, but since I'm taking the picture I just featured the kids.  Each time Rachel had the ball, cherrs of encouragement errupted from the bench. Everyone was laughing with joy, especially Rachel, during this game. They certainly tried to make up for all the games they missed. 

Rachel is good at looking up and finding open players.

She also will take the ball and control it and keep it from the defending team while moving it to an open player.
Was was a head taller than the players on the opposing team!
Sweet lay-up!

Rachel loves her team.  They have fun and have worked hard to earn their place as 3rd in their league.  tomorrow is the last game of the season with playoffs next week.  It has been great to be coached by the senior captain of the High School varsity basketball team Remy and Alex an experienced senior who lead them to many wins in games. 

Thanks to all who have helped to cheer on this team!