Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lunch in New Rochelle

After we left the gallery we headed back to Jesse and Anthony's place to have a picnic lunch. It was very windy near the bay. We decided to head back to the apartment complex. Some of us went into the apartment, but the younger kids began a game of tag in the playground. It was very entertaining.

Antonia and Carmen were usually chasing each other.

It is amazing how hard it is to catch someone going down the slide.

Rachel was having fun too!

Mira and Jesse are showing us their gymnastics moves!

Carmen joined in the fun with a back bend.

Everyone was having a great time together.

Columbia University Art Gallery

Saturday, May 23rd, was spent in NY. Mira's art work from her masters program was open to view. Actually, it had been in the gallery for weeks, but due to our very busy weekends this was our first opportunity to come to the city. We began our visit by stopping at Jesse's place in New Rochelle. This too had been the first time we had seen the inside of her apartment. Abram and I helped them move their belongings into a storage until nearby, but hadn't seen the inside of the place. It was a great place!

My clan and some sheep have an amicable meeting!

Abram noticed that the names of the artists are done by length to create a trapezoid.

Here are some images of Mira's work:

I liked how this painting acts as a complete backdrop for Isaac's form.

Mira had the gallery put in this side wall so she could place both paintings with circles in the show. I had fun taking pictures to show them together. I see the "cat" influence in the eyes!

Some of the other pieces I admired and had personal connections with:

This piece reminds me of our summer travels to the Grand Canyon and also seeing meandering rivers. This series of prints have been cut out to create the 3D effect of a canyon.

This picture reminds me of the campfires we have. The firewood here is a little different though!

I hadn't notice this fish until we were leaving the building.

I must say Aidan is the most photogenic baby I've ever met. I guess it helps to have a mom who is always taking pictures!

Marita mentioned that this picture of us in the gallery reminded her of another student's work. There were photos that had been pasted together to create an image of a room. She thought that our body movements looked as if I had pasted everyone into one photo.

I enjoyed having Mira as my personal gallery tour guide. She helped me see more into many of the pieces on display.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Song and Dance

The end of school usually involves many concerts and musical "shows". Thursday, May 21st, had two. Rachel's school had a "Sing and Swing" concert and Carmen had her first oboe recital.

It was hottest day of the week. All students in Spring Street Elementary participated in a "Sing and Swing" show for parents to view. The whole show lasted close to an hour and a half. (I only saw 45 minutes because I had to take time off from work to go.) The music teacher had taught and choreographed dances for each grade. It is impressive to think that she works with each class individually and somehow all the kids look great together. The second grade had three dances to perform. I will only show you one of them.

Later that evening, we drove to Natick for Carmen's oboe recital. Carmen's oboe teacher invites all of his students to participate in this recital. It was very impressive. The program had 40 oboeists, each with their own piece. We were impressed hearing some of the more experienced seniors play. The whole recital took two hours!

Carmen enjoys playing the oboe and plans to continue it over the summer and through next year.
Thanks to Jenna for letting me borrow her camera so I could get these great pictures without needing a flash!
Jenna and Isaac also helped us that night by getting Tobin after his districts race. Tobin runs the 2 mile and sometimes the 1 mile. His best time is 10:54 in the 2 mile. This time qualified him for Districts but unfortunately not States. He did make varsity for Cross Country, Winter Track and Spring Track and Field! Nice Job Tobin!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girl Scout's Bridging Ceremony

Tues, May 19th, Carmen bridged from being a Junior Girl Scout to now being a Cadette. Carmen has been in Girl Scouts for 2 years now. She received the hightest award a Junior could achieve - the bronze award. All girls involved in Girls Scouts who were bridging, moving from one level to another, were at this ceremony.

Carmen is being given a rose by one of her GS leaders.

Some of Carmen's friends in her troop.

Visit with Master Leibig!

It's Sunday, May 17th. It feels like an odd Sunday without having to get everyone up for church. Since we attended mass on Saturday for Rachel's First communion our Sunday morning was open-ended. Joey slept over our house so he could spend more time with Rachel.

Carmen and Rachel began building with legos. Joey wanted to use the planes and other vehicles created by Carmen, but he wasn't interested in building with legos. Yet, everyone involved enjoyed themselves.

Rachel, Carmen and Joey played while the rest of the family slept in!

I had to find a way to get the cats into the blog too!

Later that afternoon we took Joey, Rachel, Carmen and Tobin to Purgatory Chasms. We met Jenna, Isaac and Aidan there. We gave Jenna and Isaac a backpack carrier to use with Aidan. This was a baby gift from Abram's fraternaty when we had Tobin!

Purgatory Chasms had a nice half mile (we think) walk through and over rocks. Joey did a great job singing at the top of his lungs to keep the bears away!

The three little billy goat gruffs!

Carmen found a little nook to sit in!

Occasionally, Abram or I had to climb and find a little billy goat!

Or Tobin found them!
After our adventurous hike the kids played on a playground there. Joey, Rachel and Carmen spent most of their time being spun around. Their heads were spinning for awhile afterwards. they must of have spent a good 20-30 minutes in this piece of equipment.

Cora, Chip, Marie, Marita and Sarai joined us back at my house for a cookout.

It was wonderful to have Joey for a day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rachel's First Communion

Saturdays are usually busy here at our house. But this Saturday was even busier. We had our usual day of two soccer games, one for Carmen and one for Rachel. No basketball for Sarai this weekend, but Tobin ran in a Districts race at the High School. After all of this happened we needed to get ready for Rachel's First Communion!

Rachel made her First Communion Saturday May 16th! We chose to have it at the 5pm mass because it would allow family to travel from Maine, NH, Massachusetts and Minnesota. She wore the dress I made for Sarai's first communion.

Leah and Noah are her godparents.

Joey Leibig was able to come all the way from Minnesota. Joey is a very close cousin. He made his First Communion in February. He wanted to be here for Rachel.

Rachel is lucky to have so many family members attend her First Communion.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day '09

Mother's Day began with waking up to get Tobin at 5am from his after prom party. He was smart enough to greet me with a "Happy Mother's Day"!

We were able to see two of Sarai's tournament games on Sunday. We missed her other games on Saturday while we were doing our ride. Her team won 3 of the 4 games they played. This was the best tournament record of the season yet


In the evening Abram took me the Red Sox game! We had box seats near the Pesky Pole. It was a great game to attend. The Red Sox, the Bruins and the Celtics were all playing. The Green Monster score board had the Bruin's score being updated. The Celtic's game was too fast and too high scoring for the scorer to work with. During long breaks the Celtic's score would be displayed on the digital screens. Many fans, including us, were using their phones to see the updated score. When Big Baby won the game with the buzzer beater the stands errupted in cheers! We watched highlights on the big screen of both the Bruins win and the Celtics! At midnight the Red Sox closed Tampa Bay down. What a day to be a New England sports fan. We are very lucky.

Biking and Prom

Do you like our matching outfits?! We are a happy tandem couple.

Saturday, May 9th Abram, Isaac and I rode a 200k (127 miles). Abram and I did it on our tandem. It took us 8 1/2 hours to complete it.

Jenna took care of Rachel and Carmen and brought them to their soccer games.

Carmen is a quick defender. She is never intimidated by a taller player as you can see!

Abram and I left our ride as soon as we could to come home and help Tobin get ready for the Junior prom! Yes, he went to the Junior prom.

He's ready to meet his date.

This is Juhi, his date. He's putting on her wrist corsage.

What a nice looking couple.

Tobin, Juhi and three other couples all shared a limo to the prom.

In the limo ready to go!

Tobin left for the prom, we left to drive to North Andover for a birthday party. Tobin had a great time at the prom and the after prom party at Team Works in Northboro. I picked him up at 5am on Mother's Day!

Noah's a doctor now!

My brother Noah just graduated from UNE as a doctor in physical therepy. He's been in school for 7 years to get this degree! Congradulations Noah! Abram and I drove up to Portland to be at his hooding ceremony on Friday, May 8th.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March and April 2009

March 23rd, 2009

Here's a great story! Sarai plays for a spring basketball league called the Shamrocks. On March 23rd I receive an email from the head of Shamrocks offering tickets to any players and family members to go to the Celetics game that Sunday night, the 29th. We got tickets for everyone. When I asked for tickets I was told Sarai was going to be able to high-five the Celtic players when they came back onto the court after half-time. Cool! Friday night I get a message from the organizer asking Sarai to wear her Shamrock uniform and bring her shoes because they have been asked to play on the court during half time! So Sarai and other Shamrock players played 5 minutes of basketball on the Celtic's court at half time. This is the view we had of the court from out seats. Yes, we were in the nose bleed section!

This is video of Sarai playing on the Celtic's court. Her number is 32. If you watch carefully she makes a beautiful outside shot right before the buzzer goes off for the them to stop playing! What an amazing experience for her to have!

Saturday April 4th, 2009

This is Tobin's date, Maria, to the Sophmore semi. Yes, he was asked by Maria to go to the sophmore semi! He made a hit wearing his pink striped shirt, light green tie and Abram's light green blazer. He is also going to the Junior prom on Saturday May 9th!

These are other friends who gathered together before the Sophmore Semi.

April 18th, 2009

Abram and I rode a 107k on April 18th. We did it in 4 hours. The organizer too this picture at the end of the ride. One great thing about using a tandem is that the stoker (that's me) can read the directions from the captain's (that's Abram) back. We used clothes pins to hold the directions for me to read. It worked wonderfully! Saturday we ride a 200k!

Here are a few riders we stayed with at the end of the ride. The single riders liked me calling out the turns and milage. It made it easier for them too! They also enjoyed the draft we create going down hill. One of them said it is like drafting off of a truck!

Check out the new car!

Saying goodbye after the ride. The ride began at 8am. We had to rush back to Shrewsbury so I could coach a soccer game for Rachel and watch part of Carmen's soccer game.

This is our new car! Our Chevy Venture died very quickly with a head gasket leak. So now we own a 2009 Honda Odyssey. It seats 8. Everyone is happy with it.
I will try to update this more often. Now that Isaac and Jenna are here in Shrewsbury I will have to make sure that she doesn't post about my children more than I do!