Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March and April 2009

March 23rd, 2009

Here's a great story! Sarai plays for a spring basketball league called the Shamrocks. On March 23rd I receive an email from the head of Shamrocks offering tickets to any players and family members to go to the Celetics game that Sunday night, the 29th. We got tickets for everyone. When I asked for tickets I was told Sarai was going to be able to high-five the Celtic players when they came back onto the court after half-time. Cool! Friday night I get a message from the organizer asking Sarai to wear her Shamrock uniform and bring her shoes because they have been asked to play on the court during half time! So Sarai and other Shamrock players played 5 minutes of basketball on the Celtic's court at half time. This is the view we had of the court from out seats. Yes, we were in the nose bleed section!

This is video of Sarai playing on the Celtic's court. Her number is 32. If you watch carefully she makes a beautiful outside shot right before the buzzer goes off for the them to stop playing! What an amazing experience for her to have!

Saturday April 4th, 2009

This is Tobin's date, Maria, to the Sophmore semi. Yes, he was asked by Maria to go to the sophmore semi! He made a hit wearing his pink striped shirt, light green tie and Abram's light green blazer. He is also going to the Junior prom on Saturday May 9th!

These are other friends who gathered together before the Sophmore Semi.

April 18th, 2009

Abram and I rode a 107k on April 18th. We did it in 4 hours. The organizer too this picture at the end of the ride. One great thing about using a tandem is that the stoker (that's me) can read the directions from the captain's (that's Abram) back. We used clothes pins to hold the directions for me to read. It worked wonderfully! Saturday we ride a 200k!

Here are a few riders we stayed with at the end of the ride. The single riders liked me calling out the turns and milage. It made it easier for them too! They also enjoyed the draft we create going down hill. One of them said it is like drafting off of a truck!

Check out the new car!

Saying goodbye after the ride. The ride began at 8am. We had to rush back to Shrewsbury so I could coach a soccer game for Rachel and watch part of Carmen's soccer game.

This is our new car! Our Chevy Venture died very quickly with a head gasket leak. So now we own a 2009 Honda Odyssey. It seats 8. Everyone is happy with it.
I will try to update this more often. Now that Isaac and Jenna are here in Shrewsbury I will have to make sure that she doesn't post about my children more than I do!

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