Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visit with Master Leibig!

It's Sunday, May 17th. It feels like an odd Sunday without having to get everyone up for church. Since we attended mass on Saturday for Rachel's First communion our Sunday morning was open-ended. Joey slept over our house so he could spend more time with Rachel.

Carmen and Rachel began building with legos. Joey wanted to use the planes and other vehicles created by Carmen, but he wasn't interested in building with legos. Yet, everyone involved enjoyed themselves.

Rachel, Carmen and Joey played while the rest of the family slept in!

I had to find a way to get the cats into the blog too!

Later that afternoon we took Joey, Rachel, Carmen and Tobin to Purgatory Chasms. We met Jenna, Isaac and Aidan there. We gave Jenna and Isaac a backpack carrier to use with Aidan. This was a baby gift from Abram's fraternaty when we had Tobin!

Purgatory Chasms had a nice half mile (we think) walk through and over rocks. Joey did a great job singing at the top of his lungs to keep the bears away!

The three little billy goat gruffs!

Carmen found a little nook to sit in!

Occasionally, Abram or I had to climb and find a little billy goat!

Or Tobin found them!
After our adventurous hike the kids played on a playground there. Joey, Rachel and Carmen spent most of their time being spun around. Their heads were spinning for awhile afterwards. they must of have spent a good 20-30 minutes in this piece of equipment.

Cora, Chip, Marie, Marita and Sarai joined us back at my house for a cookout.

It was wonderful to have Joey for a day!

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