Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Columbia University Art Gallery

Saturday, May 23rd, was spent in NY. Mira's art work from her masters program was open to view. Actually, it had been in the gallery for weeks, but due to our very busy weekends this was our first opportunity to come to the city. We began our visit by stopping at Jesse's place in New Rochelle. This too had been the first time we had seen the inside of her apartment. Abram and I helped them move their belongings into a storage until nearby, but hadn't seen the inside of the place. It was a great place!

My clan and some sheep have an amicable meeting!

Abram noticed that the names of the artists are done by length to create a trapezoid.

Here are some images of Mira's work:

I liked how this painting acts as a complete backdrop for Isaac's form.

Mira had the gallery put in this side wall so she could place both paintings with circles in the show. I had fun taking pictures to show them together. I see the "cat" influence in the eyes!

Some of the other pieces I admired and had personal connections with:

This piece reminds me of our summer travels to the Grand Canyon and also seeing meandering rivers. This series of prints have been cut out to create the 3D effect of a canyon.

This picture reminds me of the campfires we have. The firewood here is a little different though!

I hadn't notice this fish until we were leaving the building.

I must say Aidan is the most photogenic baby I've ever met. I guess it helps to have a mom who is always taking pictures!

Marita mentioned that this picture of us in the gallery reminded her of another student's work. There were photos that had been pasted together to create an image of a room. She thought that our body movements looked as if I had pasted everyone into one photo.

I enjoyed having Mira as my personal gallery tour guide. She helped me see more into many of the pieces on display.

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  1. i like the picture with all of us. haha rachel looks silly!!