Friday, November 25, 2011

Tobin racing at Districts

The end of the cross country season can abut up against some bad running weather.  But this year takes the cake.  Leagues was scheduled for October 27th.  It is always held at the Marlboro country club.  Thursday's weather was predicted to be pouring rain.  the race was postponed until Halloween.  this year we had 10-12 inches of heavy, wet snow the weekend before Halloween and a snow day, yes a snow day in October!  With the ground covered in snow the MIAA organization did not know where they could hold a Leagues meet.  There is typically two weeks between Leagues and Districts.  As the week progressed without any solution school began complaining and saying they did not want to have a League meet.  MIAA decided to use the Districts race to determine the League results.

Districts had more weight it this year.  Now, not only did it mean that only the top three teams went to states, but it also meant that each runner's performance determine the result of two races.  Pressure was on.

Tobin had run a race the weekend earlier, which resulted in a collapse before the finish and transportation via ambulance to Milford's ER.  I will talk about that race in another blog.  But that incident was weighing on him heavily for Districts. 

This co-captain Mike Bodden.  We were laughing before the race because it looks as if he is going to run the race with nothing on.  Yes, he's wearing his uniform underneath, but the shorts are so short that the jacket covers them.
Shrewsbury jogging to the start of the race.  Tobin is wearing a blue shirt.  Coach has his white cap on.  Christian is proudly holding the Shrewsbury X-C flag.

Tobin running around the first mile.  the weather is very cold, maybe it was 40 that day.  He was grateful that he wore the leggings since everyone spoke later of how cold they were after the first mile. 
Here is a shot of the runners going down a hill.  The course was held at the Gardner Country Club.  This is the site for Districts each year as well as last year's state meet. I had stood off of the course, according the white line painted on the grass.  The first runner ran straight at me because I did not realize they would take the tangent of the curve. 

Tobin looking strong near the finish.  He was slowing down at the end and was passed by someone behind him in this picture.  He finished 8th. 
Here's is Mike trying to pass some runners near the finish. 
CJ, Tobin and Mike.  the first three guys to finish from their team. Shrewsbury scored 66 points in this race.  This is the lowest score Shrewsbury has ever scored at a Districts meet.  It gave them 3rd place and entrance as a team to the states meet the following Saturday. 

Tobin was feeling a bit wobbly on his feet at this point. 

Enjoying some friends after the race.  It is wonderful that runners who are not able to compete in this race and friends of the team come an hour away to cheer on the team.  I am a captains mom, so I'm one of the moms responsible for bringing food and organizing donations so everyone can have things to eat. 

Tobin getting his medal for eight place.

Tobin has always made a point to congratulate all the other runners regardless of their place after a race.

Love this photo.  I captured Tobin's movement by blurring all the stationary figures.
The officials did not see that they had given the Division 1 guys Division 2 girl medals.  All of sudden we hear a moan from several runners and one of them tell the officials they have girl medals.  We all waited for the exchange of medals.  A number the teammates in the bleachers had no idea what was going on with the exchange of medals though. 
From top to bottom:  Tobin, Dan M, Alicia, Guiseppe, Jake and CJ.

Here are some of my seagulls!  I was sitting in the bleachers, having a conversation with another parent, when I start hearing a funny sound.  Tobin had gotten his group of runners to say: "mom, mom, mom"!  They reminded me of the scene from Finding Nemo when the sea gulls all see Nemo and say "Mine, mine, mine"!  This is why I call them my sea gulls.  I told them that story and they loved it.  Tobin asked everyone to call me so he could ask me to get this photo. 
This is a photo of the runners and others from the team that came to Districts.
Remember I said that the results from this race would be used to determine placement of two races.  This photo is of the League all stars from Shrewsbury.  For the first time ever we had 7 league all stars.  Shrewsbury scored 66 points the next team in their league score 100 points.  Our first 5 guys finished before their 3rd guy.  Way to go Shrewsbury!  The boys were trying to be the Verizon raise the bar by lining up by height.  They are a puny group. 
Tobin has three fingers up because this is his third year being a League All Star.

 CJ, Dan W and Dan M.
Captain Tobin and Captain Mike.
Shrewsbury girls and boys cross country both make it to states!
Stair case boys: Funny John, as Rachel calls him, Karl, Dan M, Tobin, Guiseppe.

Next it is off to states!