Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Minigolf and Water Bumper Car Fun

The last full day at the beach was spent at the Lost Treasure.

Rachel didn't want to play mini golf with the rest of us so she and Abram went in the water bumper cars. these pictures are taken from afar. I was up on a bridge playing/score keeping/ taking pictures of the day and caught these actions shots.

These were newer bumper cars than we had used two years ago. There were sprayers to shoot at other cars with. Abram is soaking wet getting out of his boat.

We split up into groups. Most of my photos are of Theresa, Marita, Carmen, Sarai, Faye, Collin, and Jason.

Teresa set up so nice for her shots.

Sarai had the camera for awhile. It is interesting to see what other people find interesting to photograph. She took a picture of the waterfall that we have come to love and except, even though it has peculiar blue water.

Tobin, Joey, Ryland, Dylan, Barb and Jennie went on a different golfing path than us. Sarai caught this picture of them across the way.

We did say that Joey was a ham, right? Great shot from afar.

I know that Colin and Jason had a great time together and with us.

Faye and Carmen.

I love that Sarai captured how Carmen was carrying her putter, with one finger nail.

I also love this picture of Carmen sitting on the rock. Pictured here are the favorite purple converse shoes. We had gone shopping for school clothes three days before we left for the beach. Journeys is a store that carries "cool" sneakers. They did not have her size in stock so we placed an order through their distributor. Luckily for her, the shoes were delivered Friday evening. Just in time to bring them to the beach. She was so excited.

After most of us played mini golf, we all tried to get into the water bumper cars. You can see the water spraying out of Tobin's boat. The trick was not to get too close so you could soak the other person.

Everyone enjoyed racing the cars around the track. I tried to pick the best pictures out of the lot (I had over 200 from this day to choose from!). I know that Jennie helped me take pictures while I was on the track, thanks.

Tobin's working hard in this turn.

Here you see Teresa, Faye and Tobin close together.

Go Theresa!

I love Ryland's joyful face.

Classic Sarai. Check out Rachel and her shades. She had a great time riding with daddy.

Mike and Julie got into the action too with Theresa right behind.

Marita's having fun.

Joey and I drove together. I know Jennie caught this picture. We did have fun together.

Hi Sarai.

Faye drove with us too.

Jason and Collin had a car together. I do believe that Collin drove himself once or twice which caused a few "bumps".

Go Carmen!

Rachel and Abram. Rachel was trying to take off her glasses for the camera. I love her look with them on though.

The week at the beach was amazing. I have miscellaneous pictures that were taken on this day that I will post in my next and last one of the beach.

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