Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Games and Other Activities at the Beach

It is incredible remembering all that goes on during a single week at the beach! Games are a huge part of the week. Mike spends months planning new games to bring and weeks enlisting the rest of us to bring past favorites that we have purchased. Mike has had a huge influence on the games that we have at our house.

Here is a new game Mike introduced to us. One of the Leibigs needs to let me know what it is called though! I see Snorta in the background. Thomas liked playing with the animals. The animals is one of my favorite parts about that game too.
Carmen, Sarai and Marita entertained each other with cards.
Zendo is one of Sarai's favorite games, even though we don't own it. Here you see Abram, Ryland, Marita and Sarai playing Zendo.
Joey with his Game Boy. I remember years past when Ryland and Tobin spent hours playing their Game Boys at the beach.

Cora always has one of these puzzle books. Since I met the Dancy family 20+ years ago, they have brought these books to a beach week.

Scrabble is huge with the siblings of Chip and some of their children. There was a scrabble tournament. Here's Tobin and Chris playing a tournament game.

I believe this picture was taken on the last night of the beach week. I cannot remember the details of the tournamen, so let me know who the winner was this year. I know better than to announce the wrong one!

I don't know what game was happening while Carmen and Thomas were sitting here. It may have been a time when everyone was gathering for Werewolf. This is a staple game at the beach.

The evening chill. I'm sure we were gathering for a group game.

I couldn't get everyone in one picture, so here we are in two.

I am sure I missed many other games that were played. One of my favorites is Quirkle. Cora introduced me to a train game which I began to like after awhile. If they can tell me the name, I'd be grateful.
But Jenna, Cora and I did capture these great games:
Peek-a-Boo between Aidan and Thomas

Pig Pile on Ryland:
more join on

At this point I believe it is cousin pile on!

Abram and I brought our tandem to the beach. We took several long bike rides during the week. Tobin was training for cross country while we were at the beach. He ran 8 to 10 miles each day. The humid heat was a challenge to run in. Ryland, Jenna and I went on a few runs ourselves. I believe Carmen and Theresa joined us for once of twice for short runs.

I cannot omit the trip to the nail salon that Aunt Cora took the girls on.
Marita, Sarai and Carmen received manicures.

Carmen wanted "smiley" faces on her fingers. Each finger was a different facial expression.

Faye, Theresa and Marita received pedicures.
If any of my facts or details are wrong, I apologize. I am good at editing in the correct information though.
I hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I am. The memories made here are rich. Rachel has used many of her experiences at the beach in her writings this year. Her teacher has had a strong influence on her writing this year.

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