Tuesday, August 25, 2009

meeting the babies at the beach

Everyone enjoyed meeting and playing with Sophia, Kiera and Aidan as you will see with these pictures.

As I looked through my pictures I noticed that Theresa was often with the babies. This picture was taken the first day we arrived.

Theresa holding Sophia

Janine and Kiera on the first day.

Here's Theresa playing with Aidan while he was perfecting his balance.

Sophia was enjoying all the toys and people.
Notice the turtle in the picture. Aidan took a fancy to this turtle, but it was Sophia. While Rachel and I were at a toy store in the plaza on the island we discovered this turtle and bought it for Aidan. It was a special toy from Rachel because the turtle was called Shelly. Rachel nickname given by Abram is Shelly.

Carmen and Theresa playing with Aidan and Sophia. Sophia was working on her balance too with help from Monica.

Carmen playing with the babies. Aidan began walking this week. Sophia was working on scooting. Here she's on her knees. I know I had fun taking pictures of this wonderful play.

Now for some beach baby shots.

Aidan and Sophia wondering what sand is and how does it taste!

Keeping the sand castle tradition alive!

All the beach babies! Jenna with Aidan, Justine holding Sophia and Janine with Kiera.
I love this picture.

Hat fancy. Kiera, Janine and Justine.

Theresa and Carmen with the beach babies.

A little more indoor fun.
Aidan loved this ball. He still loves to play with balls.

Uncle Abram playing with Aidan.

I'm making a funny face with Sophia.

What happens after a full day in the sun and sand?

Sweet little boy.

It was a joy to meet and play with these new family members.

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