Monday, August 31, 2009

August Fun

The week of August 11th was packed with activities. We began the week by going to Breezy Farms. There were three water slides and a lake to swim in. Rachel discovered treasures in the lake! She used her snorkle and mask from her birthday to find rocks, a fish and a life guard whistle. Tobin, Sarai and Marita read on the grass much of the time. I was too worried to take the good camera, so I don't have any pictures to share.

The following day, I took the girls to Clay time. (Tobin was working at Synqor.) My previous post showed our work.

Wednesday was very rainy so we went bowling. This time I brought the camera, but left the card in my lap top from the previous night!

Now, Thurs was fun. I took the girls to Kimball Farms. Kimball farms is well known for its amazing home made ice cream. It seems that many people come here on their lunch hour to get food too! After eating more ice cream than we should have, I believe we almost had a pint each, we went on water bumper cars and mini golfing. It was a hot day. I do have good pictures from this day!

Sarai took Rachel with her. Rachel was worried about controling the cars before she got in. she learned quickly and didn't want to share the controls with Sarai!

The bumper cards were great! There were 20 cars out at a time. Eveyone had smiles the whole time.

Carmen had traveled under a bridge and I was able to get her attention to say "Hi!". She's always full of life!

We played a game of minigolf afterwards. This was hot but fun. Carmen had to adjust to putting a light ball. She had been playing field hockey and was use to hitting the heavy ball with all her might. Needless to say the first few "putts" were well off the green!

I also enjoyed taking pictures of the water falls!

I am learing how to change the shutter speed. I love seeing the water droplet effect with a low shutter speed. I really am enjoying my new camera.
I do believe that after all this fun we went to Jenna's apartment to swim a bit and cool off.
What a day!

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