Friday, August 21, 2009

Pool Fun at Grammies

My mom and step father live an hour away in southern NH. They have an above ground pool. When we visit them in the summer the girls will swim in the pool. Rachel is the one who enjoys the pool the most. She and Lawrence can tolerate much cooler pool temperatures than I can.

I have pictures from August when I only had Carmen and Rachel. The girls decided to be super heroes and wore their towels into the pool. This also helped to make the pool feel warmer. In August the cool evenings decrease the pool temperatures significantly.

We cannot remember the exact term each girl used, but I believe Carmen was Fire Girl - she put out fires that happened in the pool! Rachel was Water Girl. Both girls have a vivid imagination and often work well together for incredible stories and loads of laughs.

Carmen used the pool noodle to put out the "fires".

Being Water Girl meant that she jumped around the pool splashing everyone and everything.

Pool noodles are great for splashing in the pool, floating on them and also for sword fights!

Carmen and Rachel traveled all over the back yard fighting and chasing each other around. It was so much fun taking pictures of them. It had only been a month since I was given the new camera.

Time to relax in the swing in the back of my mom's yard.

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