Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leigh's 36!

My birthday was July 24th. two days after Rachel's.

Abram surprised me at breakfast with a WONDERFUL gift. He gave me a Canon Rebel camera. Ever since Jenna moved back here I've been looking at her camera. Occasionally I'd ask to borrow it for a show or concert. Well, now I have my own. At first I just smiled and said quietly "thank you sooo much". Then I remembered how Carmen expressed her excitement and I told him that I hadn't expressed how happy I was. So at 7am I threw up my arms and yelled "this is exactly what I wanted!" The kids said they woke up to my voice!
We usually do presents at night when everyone is awake and home, but Abram wanted to let me play with the camera before Tobin's play. His first performance was that night. I began taking pictures of the only subjects awake... the cats! Here are two of my favorites.

Wow, does it take pictures quickly! I used sport mode and now I have a slide show of Abram rolling Rachel around in her new tube.

Later that day, Jenna came over and gave me a pink! cordless mouse for my lap top. I love it and it matches well! It gets harder each year to think of what kind of dessert I want since Carmen, Rachel and I all have birthdays within 8 days. This year, Sarai mentioned whoopie pies. That sounded good. I also didn't want to make my own dinner, so we ordered out.
My birthday was full and wonderful. Next post will have many pictures of Tobin in his play. Opening night was on my birthday. Jenna, Sarai, Carmen, Rachel and I went to see him. It will be very difficult to pick a handful of pictures. With the new camera I notice I am able to take many good pictures and I do.

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  1. I really like the first picture of your cats. Happy Birthday