Thursday, August 27, 2009

various beach pictures

I found a few more pictures takes the last day of the beach visit.

Hi Leibig's. They came later to play mini golf. I am amazed at how wonderfully the picture still look even if they are taken from afar and then cropped. The Leibigs were across the parking lot from us.

Now begins a series of pictures taken by Sarai and Marita. It is rare that photos are taken of me since I am the one with the camera.

Here's a bit of fun and artistic license by Sarai. Notice that you can see Sarai's reflection in Marita's iris.
OK Marita, it really isn't an apple!
I think Silly Sarai and Silly Marita sums it up!

Back to pool. Rachel loved eating at the tiki bar and just floating in the pool. She is a natural fish.

Aidan grew to like this necklace which I believe was called the "nursing necklace" by Monica. Isaac is man enough to wear it while feeding his son!

I will leave the beach blogging with this tranquil view. Enjoy!

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  1. The pic of Marita is hilarious, I don't always see her let it all out like that. Sigh, "happy trails..until we meet again."