Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where's Waldo, oops I mean Tobin?

If any of you have been wondering about Tobin and what he's been up to, here's the update. Tobin got a summer job working for SynQor. The company Abram works for. He works 24 hours a week. He's responsibilities range from janitorial needs to creating kits that will be used in sales. It was mundane for him until he received his first pay check! Now he enjoys making money! His job began June 22nd.

For two weeks in July, the 13th through the 24th, he attended the Shrewsbury Summer Theatre Camp. From 8:30 until 4 pm he and other students prepared to put on the opera Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. It was an amazing show! Tobin was Asher, one of the 11 brothers. I will post pictures of his part in the play. We attended both shows.

When he wasn't working or preparing for the play, he's been running. He is training for cross country. His goal is to run 500 miles this summer; as of now he's run over 300! He did amazingly well last year as a freshman. By the end of the season he was their number 5 guy. He ran the 5k course in 19 minutes. His goal is to make states and run close to 17 minutes!

He is learning more about his real passions. He will be going back to playing the french horn for the high school. He took a break from playing in the band freshman year and discovered he missed it. He auditioned in the spring and was selected to be in the Select Wind Ensemble as first chair! He is thinking about participating in the spring musical which means he will not run winter track. He may try to take choir during the year if he can squeeze it in and also be part of Speech and Debate. He is a person of many talents!

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