Monday, August 24, 2009

Emerald Isle Beach time

With some many people at the beach it was hard to captures all that happened. I also didn't want to take my camera down to the beach each time we went so I took a few trips and captured some of these photos. I also borrowed photos from Jenna.

A trip to the beach is never complete unless someone gets covered in mud

or gets buried from the waist down!

Here's the culprit who did that to Marita - Tobin

One evening we decide to go for a walk on the beach after dinner. A wonderful piece of having such a large group is that each family only has to make dinner once during the week. This particular night Monica, Cora, Joey, Theresa Carmen, Rachel, Abram, Isaac, Aidan and Jenna ( forgive me if I omitted anyone) all went for an evening stroll. I had fun trying to capture night pictures.

Here is my beautiful god-son, Joey, being a vampire!

Here's Monica at sunset.

Carmen and Theresa doing back bends together.

Joey is a ham. He too was showing me his gymnastic moves!

This my favorite sunset picture.

When I was experimenting with taking this sunset picture I had changed settings on my camera which I forgot to change for the next day at the beach. Some of the pictures you will see are washed out because I had overexposed for the evening shots. Although it made a number of my pictures too washed out, I did get a few "cool" looking pictures of Abram, Tobin and Ada playing Frisbee.

Here are two pictures of Tobin jumping for the Frisbee. The first one he's overexposed, but he is the only focus. The second picture shows him with the Frisbee, but I was also using the clouds as a backdrop.

Tobin with Ada
and then with Abram. They were playing in a triangle, but it is hard to capture all three without getting too much of the beach or other people in the picture.

I was most disappointed when I realize that the pictures of Rylan on his surfboard were also overexposed. One day, near the end of the week, the surf was too rough for swimmers, but perfect for surfing. Ryland rented a board and had a great time surfing. I was on the beach with the camera, but this is the best shot I took.

Sandcastle time with Isaac, Thomas and Julie.

Thomas is ready with his bucket.

Carmen had her own creation.
I was able to capture Jenna playing with Sophia and Aidan in the sand.

Aidan with his bucket.

Here are some of the beach pictures I took from Jenna's collection. Thanks for these great shots!

Rachel, Isaac, Aidan, Theresa and Carmen going into the waves.

Aidan enjoying the sand. He did try to eat eat it soon after this picture!

Here's Carmen with the three babies: Sophia, Aidan and Kiera. Carmen is always ready to smile for the camera. I think the babies need more time to become hams like her!

Joey, these pictures are for you. Remember when we went for a walk, just you and I. We saw some cool sand castles and you asked me to take pictures for you. Well, here they are:

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  1. These are just wonderful - gosh, Tobin looks surprisingly "angelic" in the one shot against the clouds, doesn't he? And I think your exposure experiences probably highlighted some fun things you can do.