Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tobin is in a summer musical

Tobin auditioned at the end of the school year to have a part in the Shrewsbury summer musical theatre. The play was Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat. He was casted as the Asher, one of Joseph's older brothers.

I have to begin with Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat is not a musical but a modern opera. When I told a few people that it was an opera they thought of the Italian opera style. So I use the term musical to get the correct picture. There wasn't a bit of dialog in this play! The music is modern. Well, as modern as the early 70's! There was a country ho-down scene, a french musical number, Elvis was pharaoh. There were 21 numbers in the play and Tobin was in 17 of them. He danced, sang, played a creepy brother (you'll see soon with his pictures as to what I mean!) and interjected an "ooh, la, la" during the french number. It was a great play to watch.

Here his is entering the play as Asher. Tobin decided to make Asher a creepy brother. Tobin was always hunched over as he tried to portray creepy. Isaac loved that when Tobin appeared through the tent there was a group of girls behind us that all squealed "TOBIN!"

This is Joseph showing off his amazing coat of colors. As a past costume director I was impressed with this coat. The sleeves were velcroed on so they could "rip" off. The bottom was flared for this scene.

The brothers are jealous of Jacob's coat and favoritism. Tobin said he was told to hiss at Joseph. He is well animated and uses his face to express so much emotion.

Here are some pictures from the French number. Tobin has just belted out "ooh, la, la" in the number.

He offers some comic relief. During this number the brothers are moaning about how they are starving and life has taken a dramatic turn for the worst since they sold Joseph.

It is amazing how well he uses his eyes and face to reach the audience.

There was a disco number. Check out the 70's outfits on the girls!

Tobin was movin' in this number. Isaac was impressed with Tobin's dancing moves.

Elvis sang as pharaoh. Notice the blue swede shoes.

More dancing moves as the brothers plead with Joseph to forgive them.

The play showed on July 24th and the 25th. The girls and I saw it both days. Nettie, Marie, Chip, Great-Grandma, Marita, Sophie, Luke, Abram and Isaac saw it on the 25th. Jenna went on the 24th.

Tobin spent only two weeks rehearsing 17 numbers. I am very happy that he has been given this opportunity to explore new talents: singing, dancing and acting.

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  1. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat has always been one of my favorite shows. I'm sorry I missed seeing one of my favorite nephews perform in it! Tobin, I'm glad you are enjoying music and theater so much. It is a love you can keep for many many years.