Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer N.C. Beach Vacation

Yes, I'm getting to this a bit late! I am trying to make an album for 2009 and cannot omit this wonderful trip we had in August. I am going to try to capture the feel of the beach week through several posts.

We drive to Emerald Isle, NC. It takes at least 14 hours (without bathroom and food stops and no traffic!) We also do it in one day! Our adventure begins around 1am so we can make it to the beach by mid afternoon. Isaac and Jenna also drove. Most of the other families live too far and fly in.

We had a new house this year. If I remember correctly we've been coming to Emerald Isle since 2000! Two years ago we began to only come every other year instead of every year. This year we met most of the new babies born into our family, Kiera Steele, Sophia Bizzochi and Aidan Dancy (we do see Aidan every week!).

Here's the house we rented this year:

You can see an odd looking thatched hut near the fence perimeter of the house. I refer to it as the Tiki hut next to the pool. This house had a pool and hut tub. We all enjoyed the pool, as you will see in my next post.

I had over 1000 pictures from this vacation. It was hard deciding which ones to include. I will have many in multiple posts, but it is only to share a small part of what happened that week. I hope you enjoy.

Here's the family picture of eveyone who was able to come!

Julie Leibig and Rachel Dancy are in the pool.
Sitting on the concrete are Isaac Dancy, Joey Leibig, Carmen Dancy, Theresa Leibig.
Sitting in lawn chairs: Faye and Jenny Lemire, Jenna and Aidan Dancy, Monica and Sophia Bizocchi, Janine and Keira Steele, Cora, Thomas and Mike Leibig, Barbara Dancy and Dylan Drebelbis.
Charlie Dancy is sitting in the rocking chair. This is his most of his family. His daughters, their children, some with babies and his eldest son's children with their children. There four generations here at the beach.
Standing: Justine Bizzochi, Ryland Drebelbis, Chris Bizzochi, Leigh and Abram Dancy, Tobin Dancy, Regan Steele, Sarai, Marita and Ada Dancy.

Wow, what an amazing gathering. I am so happy we are able to be part of this tradition.


  1. lovely! we are going to miss everyone this year. I am so glad we have continued this tradition and get to spend such great time with you all :)

  2. I love how you brightened the group shot; my copy is dark - and I love how you document "our" vacation - saves me a lot of time, LOL! P.S. Jennie with an "ie"