Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jacuzzi Fun

Saturday Aug 8th was a hot day. Abram was painting the trim on the house and I was watching and helping him. We had bought a 30 foot ladder to do the high trims. It took us awhile to manuver the ladder, sand the trim,wash and paint two coats. He spent all day doing this. Since both of us were busy we couldn't take Carmen and Rachel to the pool. I promised to take them the next day.

Well.... Sunday was a very different day. It was cloudy, instead of clear skies. It was cool (low 70's) instead of hot (high 80's). The pool adventure was not looking too good. Rachel came up with a great idea. She asked to swim in our jacuzzi tub in my bathroom. She and Carmen got on their bathing suits, grabbed goggles and the bubble bath. The pictures will tell the rest of the story!

We may not have a pool, but our jacuzzi took it's place on this day! It's my indoor version of a hot tub.

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