Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School's Begun

School began for everyone Sept. 1st. I began work on August 31st. I work as a kindergarten teacher's assistant in our school system. It was very difficult to transition back into work/school mode after a wonderful summer and beach vacation in North Carolina.

I took these pictures in order of bus arrival.

Tobin is now a sophmore at Shrewsbury High.

Sarai and Carmen share a bus even though they go to two different schools. the schools share a back parking lot they are that close to each other! Sarai is in 8th grade at Oak middle. Carmen is in 6th at Sherwood Middle.

Notice Sarai's new hair color. She got it re-dyed before school. She has streaks of blue and purple in it. We also re-dyed the red/orange hair back to her normal color. I am amazed how dark her hair looks with these new colors.

Some how, Zori got into the picture:) She loves Sarai's attention in the morning.

Rachel is in 3rd grade at Spring Street.

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