Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Soccer Time

The soccer season has begun! Carmen and Rachel had games this weekend. Both girls have gotten stronger since last season and we could see it in their playing.

Carmen has been playing defense for a few seasons. I have always believed that she could be a very good midfielder. This game she played both positions. As defense and midfield she took on any player and made great plays. One of her most entertaining plays was when she headed a ball that came back down to her and she was able to kick it in mid air. Here are the pictures of that play!

Carmen's team is new this year. She's playing with the same coach from the spring season and with some of the same girls. A number of her past teamates moved up to an older age group and so we have many new girls join this team from other teams. They need more time playing games together and making sure they cover for each other. Carmen played well though.

Rachel's playing looked stronger and more solid from last spring. She only had one practice before the game on Sunday. I believe that giving the girls a larger field to play on and being able to play with just girls has made a huge impact on them. Many parents were commenting how much better each player looked. This year they have a goalie for the first time and 5 other players on the field.

Rachel loves to say she is only good at defense. She prefers this position so she can rest, but she is a great soccer player in any position. She was able to drive the ball up the field from her defense position multiple times. I also think she liked playing against one of her good friends who is a great soccer player. Rachel has been on her team for years. Now they can compete against each other and Sunday both handled the challenge well.

The soccer season has just begun. There will more pictures and updates to come.

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