Friday, October 2, 2009

Soccer: Goalie Rachel and Defensive Carmen

Usually, soccer games dominate our Saturdays. Instead this Saturday was too rainy to open the fields. I decided to capitalize on some extra free time and update the blog.

It has been a joy to see how both Rachel and Carmen have grown over the summer with their soccer skills.

Rachel's coach has the philosophy that all the girls should experience each position this year. It is the first year with a goalie. Rachel played goalie last week for the second half of the game. She saved 6 out of 7 attempts on the net! She also attended a goalie clinic to learn more.

Rachel commented that it seemed as if they were kicking the ball right to her. I'd agree, but she never flinched and was always ready to make a catch.

Here again making a great catch.
On Thurs one of Rachel's coaches complimented on her skills. This coach knew her from last season and assumed her great improvement was due to us working together. I cannot take any credit. Rachel has grown more confident as a player and much faster on her legs. All of this together has created a great player who can dribble to ball up the field, maintain control and make good passes for a goal.
Carmen still plays defense. Not by her choice, but by the fact that she is one of the best on her team and coach needs her there.
Carmen is the player behind the goalie. She always backs up her teammates

She has gotten stronger over the summer. Her foot skills have improved. She still has her speed and bravery. She is never intimidated by a larger player. You'll see this in the following pictures.
Now, for some of the incredible shots I took of her taking on the other team....

Somehow they don't collide, but she does get the ball to another teammate up the field.

Here she had been trying to get the ball away from this girl who is several inches taller. Most attempts failed until she decided to wedge her body in between the opponent and the ball. In basketball we call this "boxing out". She is able to use the skills from various sports to aid in the one she is playing. Boxing out was partly successful. She didn't have a teammate to pass to so the other team regained possession.

In this shot it looks as if the green team is punching Carmen. I included it because it was a cool shot. Nothing happened to Carmen, but as you can see she runs full force into other players to protect the ball and their possession. The ball is between their feet.

She loves soccer. She plays her heart out and the coach knows it. She is never subbed, even though we have enough players to do so.

The big question is what am I going to do with other 400+ pictures I have from soccer! We've only played 3 games so far.

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