Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner for Many Teens

Wow! We just served a pasta night dinner to 29 high school boys, 2 coaches and my own family! Tomorrow is the cross country's League meet. The Shrewsbury boys team is hoping to be league champions this year again. Tobin is running in the varsity group. I'll keep you informed.

This team is very social. Since Tobin has been at the high school and running with the team there has usually been a pasta night before most meets. I chose this Monday because I don't work on Mondays and Sundays didn't work with Tobin's CCD schedule. (He has CCD Sundays from 6-7:30.) It was good for me to chose a day I didn't work since I spent 5 hours in the kitchen preparing food. I made 60 meatballs and 40 breaded chicken thighs as well as 6-7 lbs of spaghetti. The boys also bring food! My island and all available counter space was covered in food. There was bread, salad, fruit, pasta, meatballs and chicken. Plus they bring ice cream and cookies as well as drinks. Each class has been assigned a food/bev to bring to the pasta dinners.

The team began arriving shortly before 6:30. We offered them food by 6:45. It was an amazing sight to see them all come in, carefully take off their shoes, form a line around the food, pick what they wanted and find a seat.

Within 30 minutes much of the food was gone. Mr and Mrs. Coach (as they are affectionately called) cleared off the dinner food and took out the ice cream. This started the next swarm for food.

By 7:40 all the boys had finished their food and left for home. I have never seen such a production before.

I am used to big gatherings (although not this big), but it is usually a much longer social event. I bought the guys glow sticks to use for outside. I figured that it would be dark by the time they arrived. The team will play Frisbee after or before practices. At our house they played basketball and Frisbee and just hung out. Sarai played ball with a couple of guys after dinner. The night went very well.


  1. Been a while since the last post Leah

  2. Don't worry, I will have many posts coming almost daily! Look at the blog over the next week and their should be a new one each day. Leigh