Friday, October 9, 2009

Lake Winepesauke

I have to go back in time. Back in August...

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit close family friends, the Stewich's, on Lake Winnipesaukee. They own a boat and had rented a house on the lake for the week. Sunday, August 16th was amazing!

We really enjoyed the gorgeous weather and time together.

Rachel is chilling in the boat, has her soda ready and cannot wait to go!

Kristin Stewich was the woman I ran my half marathon with up at Lake Winnipesaukee in May of 07. Carmen is very close friends with their daughter Madelyn. They are in the same girl scout group.

Rachel, Carmen and I tried to water ski. Each of us got up for a bit on the first try! Both girls were determined to hold on and keep trying.

Carmen up on the skis.

Rachel holding on for a long time.

Bill Stewich was so impressed on how determined both Rachel and Carmen were. They kept trying, held on and got up on the skis on their first attempts.

I'm ready!

I think my life jacket is too big! I didn't stand straight up, but did get up each attempt. It was a lot of fun!

We also pulled all the kids around the lake on a rope

and a tube.

Abram and I went in the float and the kids, ours and theirs, were chanting to dump us over. As much as Bill tried he was not successful. He took us into the middle of the lake. I believe that riding together on the tandem helped us work together and react to waves. At one point, Rachel was flipped out of the tube and came up laughing and saying, "That was great!"

I don't have pictures of this because it was our first ride out on the boat and we were concerned about getting the new camera wet. I took my small one out for the water skiing time.

Tobin and Sarai went to Weir's Beach to walk around. There was another family visiting as well. They had two boy teenagers and they joined Sarai and Tobin in Weir. I know that they will stay with us on the boat next year. Sarai did get a chance to ride on the float with Rachel. She is a good big sister!

I hope we get another chance to go up on the boat next year!

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