Sunday, October 18, 2009

Snow in October

It is mid October, but it looked like December outside today! It snowed large snowflakes for hours today. When I say large I am referring to the size of golf balls. It was impressive! We had some snow on Thurs night. Enough snow fell to cover our leaves, grass and plants. But then as the day progressed it all melted away. I didn't expect such a wet snowy day today.

Rachel seized the opportunity to play in the snow. She got all dressed up and slid around the back yard. We did discover that we need to find some larger sized clothes for her. The snow was so wet that you could easily slide on top of it. She slid down the slide on the swing set and flew off of it three feet from the end. She'd also run and see how far across the grass she could skid on foot.

Here she is looking up, catching the flakes in her mouth.

Carmen joined Rachel outside.

The most humorous member of the family outside today was actually Isaac! . I had jokingly said he owed us some home improvement time because Abram has been over much lately helping with their house. I said that I needed a hole dug for a hydrangea bush. I didn't expect to get a text today, while it was snowing, stating "time to dig the hole!" But he kept his word and here he is....
outside digging in a wet snow squall:

I joined him out in the snow to plant it in the ground. The hydrangea is a "Pinky-Winky" variety. It has branches that produce rose colored flowers and other branches that produce white ones. This variety doesn't change color in acidic soil. This is important to me since my soil is very acidic.

Thanks Isaac for digging the hole.

Now I can work on the garden once the snow melts! Hey, it's New England. Tues is predicted to get up in the 60's.

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