Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carmen's 11

During the week of Carmen's birthday, July 13-16th, she attended a soccer camp at Holy Cross. The camp ran from Sunday to Thurs. Sunday and Thurs were shorter days. Carmen played soccer from 9am until 4pm, Monday through Wed.

Thurs, July 16th was Carmen's 11th birthday. She woke up early and "whooped" when the clock read 7:37am. This was when she was born! She decided to wear a crown to soccer camp! She received cards from new friends she made at camp. Her soccer friends dumped water on her in celebration of the birthday!

After camp she and I made ice cream cakes, one coffee and one chocolate. I believe I made 3 trips to the grocery store in 24 hours just for supplies for her birthday! Dinner was homemade mac and cheese! Jenna, Isaac, Aidan, Carmen's close friend Madelyn, and Sarai's good friend Michelle joined us for birthday dinner and dessert.

Carmen wins the award for exhuberant exclamations about presents! She was overjoyed to get colored jeans that were "just my size" and few cool graphic t's and an alarm clock! Isaac says he wants to have her over at Christmas to open his presents and make exclamations on the presents!
Zori also enjoyed the birthday. She decided to make her new bed in the empty boxes and tissue paper!

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  1. Interesting exclamations, could you give me some examples.