Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th, 2009

My brother Joel has his birthday on the fourth of July. We usually spend the 4th with my mom, Lawrence, and my brothers in Merrimack, NH. This year we went up to NH. After such a rainy June it was finally a beautiful day and enjoyed by everyone!

My mom has a pool. Rachel LOVES to swim and play around as you will see!

Rachel learned how to snorkle today! She would spend a long time swimming around the pool breathing through the tube. She wants to get one for herself now!

Rachel convinced Uncle Noah to join her in the pool for some noodle fun!

These googles are ours. Kathy Dancy bought them for the NC beach trip one year. We took them home. There are functioning lights over the eye pieces so you can see under water. She brings these googles to eveyone's pool so she can see underwater.

Carmen got into the pool later in the day and was having noodle wars with her sisters.

Sarai always uses a float in the water. This float we've saved over the years from our pool in the last house we had.

After the pool time was over, Carmen and Sarai "rested" on the hammock. Really, Carmen tried to rock Sarai out.

Abram, Tobin, Noah and Joel began the game of Bocce. Matthew and I played Abram and Tobin and swept them. We tried playing against Rachel and Carmen but that didn't last too long.

Afterwards, Abram decided to go for a bike ride and......

rode Rachel's bike around the culdesac my mom and Lawrence live on! This began a string of others riding Rachel's bike.

Noah -

Tobin -

and finally the person the bike was meant for, Rachel!

This bike was Carmen's last year. Carmen now has outgrown it and passed it along. Rachel began using this bike the first week of July.
There are more biking adventures to come!

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  1. Jason said his son Collin recently learned to ride a bike! Collin is 7 1/2.