Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rachel's biking

I don't think my recent posts are creating the proper picture of Rachel and her biking. She has been biking for several years now. She was/is a determined rider. We had bought a tag-a-long for Rachel at least 4 years ago. A tag-a-long is a contraption that attaches to the adults bike seat post. The tag-a-long has only one wheel, a seat, handle bars and peddles for the child. The child can coast at will without causing instability for the adult. Noteably it is harder when they aren't peddling! She would always say "Faster dad, faster!" We would use the tag-a-long for family rides. She had been riding a smaller bike until this year, when she was finally tall enought to use the pink bike that has 7 gears. The bike also has a spedometer and odometer computer attached.

To give you a good picture of how determined she is about riding, she will ride in circles in our driveway until she has gone at least 3 miles! We live on a semi-busy road and she needs to ride with me. I will take her on rides, but we also live where there are many hills. She doesn't like going too far and up many hills. So her rides with me are limited and I think she enjoys her circles in the driveway.

So even though she didn't ride on the rail trail for long, it was the fact that she couldn't hold 16 miles an hour for long that frustrated her. We may have a racer on our hands in the future!

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  1. Don't be frustrated Rachel it takes a while to be good and consistently fast.