Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Carmen

While Sarai was at Holy Cross for basketball, Carmen was going to a field hockey camp in town. Carmen's camp ran for 4 days. Each day the organizers tried to have a fun theme such as twin day. Well, the last day of camp was super hero day. Carmen was determined to dress up as Super Woman. I have to give her credit. She found white leggings, her blue striped bathing suit bottom, Rachel red tank top and aluminum foil for wrist bands, oops cannot forget the crown!

She won the prize of candy for best costume! I've got to hand it to her for having the guts to go out onto the field and play field hockey dressed like this!

Tobin knows all the high school girls that were helping out with this camp. A few of them emailed him right after camp to tell him that his sister, Carmen, was very cool almost cooler than he was (and that's hard to beat in their words)! Carmen has amazing spirit!

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