Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Holy Cross Basketball and biking

July 5th was a full day.

We went to church at 8am because Sarai began Holy Cross Basketball that morning at 10am. Monday through Wed her camp ran from 9am until 9pm! We were amuzed to realize that the 3 other families at the 8am mass were also seen at Holy Cross a few hours later! Most families are still sleeping or slowing getting up at that time.

After dropping Sarai off at camp we decided to go on the Nashua Rail Trail that begins in Ayer, MA. We took the tandem, my bike, the pink bike (the one you saw from the 4th's post) and Tobin's bike. The plan was to have Rachel and Carmen split riding time between the tandem and the pink bike. Our friend Dave also dropped by after he had finished a triathalon. He decided to come with us too.

When we ride on the rail trail we bike 8 miles to the ice cream shop. Treat ourselves and bike back. True Dancy style, ice cream at the heart of the activity.

Rachel began the bike trip on the tandem. She lost rock-paper-scissor-shoot and was to ride back on her bike. Most of the pictures I have are of us eating ice cream! Definitely the highlight of the trip!

Well..... Carmen rode strong for eight miles. We all enjoyed the ice cream. Now for the ride back. Rachel held up her end of the bargain. She bike fast and strong,

for almost 3 miles! Then she asked to go back on the tandem. She wanted to pass people and couldn't do it that well on the single bike. So, Carmen was a great big sister and rode the single bike back. Even though it was tiring for her, she was determined to finish strong. I am very proud of her!

At 9 we picked up Sarai from her 1st day at camp and watched the fireworks. Worcester always has their fireworks on the 3rd of July. This year it was forecasted to be bad weather conditions so the fireworks were postponed to Sunday night.

As I said, the 5th was a full day.

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