Monday, July 6, 2009

Futbolito at Guilette Stadium

On June 21st Carmen and 6 of her traveling soccer team entered a Futbolito competition at Guilette Stadium. They played on the main field and the "practice" field.

It was a 4 v 4 competition. The games were short. They played on tiny fields, no throw-ins and 2 out of three games were on astro turf. It was also a cold, drizzly day! Notice the umbrellas in the background! Carmen is wearing a red pinnie.

We arrived at the stadium around 8:30 and didn't leave until 3:30. Our last game was delayed because there weren't any refs! I think they were wet and cold like the players. It had been raining steadily all day. Dave King was able to come to see one of her games. He had finished a triathalon that morning nearby. He saw her make one of two goals for that game!
The plan for the day was to stay and see the Revolutions play their game at 6:30pm, but we were too cold to stay.

The organization did honor the tickets for the following weekend. Carmen went with her coach to see the Revs play. The rest of us went to the aquarium. That adventure is for another blog though!

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