Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Life is Busy

Wow, I thought that I would have more time to blog now that I'm not working, but I was wrong! The week after school was over I took a graduate course in Photoshop for Teachers! It was a great class. We spent over 36 hours in class that week. Here are a couple of collages I created during the class:

I am hoping to use the skills I gained to great a pleasing web page. All the teachers have access on the school website to keep an updated webpage. Also, I should be able to create memory pages for the parents at the end of the year of skills each child has mastered!
I recognize that I still have to perfect these pictures, but I wanted to share some of the work I did.
While I was in class, Sarai was the babysitter. Tobin began working at Synqor 3 days a week. The kids are growing up!

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