Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tobin's Last Week Before his Colorado Trip

Tobin was preparing to go to Estes Park, CO for a running camp. Here are some of the things he did in preparation, most of them were fun!

Tobin had promised to re-stain the swing set over the summer. He began the project, with Rachel's help the weekend before he left.

The day was hot and we caught Rachel showering her sister with an elephant watering can.

Then came the hair cut. Tobin hasn't cut his hair since we gave him a buzz cut in Feb. He wanted to be lighter for CO.

Here is the full head of hair:

The mullet look:

Now the lighter Tobin!

As much as I love his curls his new look is growing on me. I do like the buzz look.

We ventured to Wallis Sands in NH on Friday the 20th. Carmen brought her friend Madelyn with us. We met up with Chip, Marie, Marita and a family friend Alex Pietravalle there. I am amazed that Rachel, Madelyn and Carmen went into the water. NH water is too cold for me.

Rachel brought her snorkel and goggles for the beach. She did use both of them too.

Slowly walking into the cool water.

That water has to be so cold, but some how they can go in and stay in for a bit. Rachel said to me that she didn't think that the water was too cold since some many people were in it! I told her they were just crazy NH people who liked not feeling their legs.

Trying to feel their legs.

They did come out for a bit to regain feeling in their legs. Rachel decided that goggles were good eye protection on land and in the sea.

Madelyn and Carmen turned Rachel into a mermaid. I do believe that Carmen got burried, but she has little patience and I didn't get a picture of her.

Madelyn was teaching Rachel to body surf. It is hard to do it with these small waves. I still cannot believe Rachel was in the water for so long. I was cold just standing at the water's edge taking these pictures. Yes, I really like warm water.

A boy shared his a starfish he caught with Rachel. There are rocks separating the public beach from the private areas. He found 4 starfish and some crabs among these rocks.

Here's Tobin the day before he leaves for CO. He has his trusty buddy with him. He was trying to finish some AP English homework on Huckleberry Finn. I don't think much was accomplished. I did use the beach trip to teach Tobin how to use the camera I was lending him for the trip. I am the one who takes 95% of the pictures and then the others are taken by his sisters.

Not sure who took this one of Marita, but I like it.

At 6am, on Saturday Aug 21st, we met 12 other cross country guys and two dads in the center of Shrewsbury. I told Tobin have fun and let your mom know you are still alive daily. He was great and sent me a text each day with something they did. I will post some of the pictures he took and information on how wonderful his trip was.

August flew by. This is just a snippet of how we spent our summer.

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