Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tobin's horn concerts

Tobin plays the french horn. He was in honors Wind Ensemble sophomore year. They put on a concert a couple of times a year. This picture of the whole band is from the spring concert. I photo-shopped four pictures to create this large one. I believe that you can see a larger version of this picture if you right click on the picture. Carmen and Tobin share the same teacher, Mr. Liporto.

This is the only close up picture I have of him at the concert. It is hard to get a good picture with in a large band. I wish I had a picture of his band uniform. They were given tuxedo shirts and pants to bring home. The blue bow tie and cummerbund stayed at school though. They looked fantastic.

During the month of July Tobin played in the town summer band. It is open to anyone who plays and instrument. Carmen could play in it next summer too! Tobin switched horn teachers and his new french horn teacher played with him. I believe the oldest band member was 80 and the youngest was 14. They put on two concerts. This one photographed was done at Dean park outside. We could hear this band from our old house years ago.

Here is Tobin playing his horn. Notice "buddy" came too!

Tobin will be playing for the Honors Wind Ensemble again this year. I look forward to great concerts!

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