Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ben and Jerry Photos

Remember this photo from one of my cape blog? When I posted this picture I was under the impression that this was the only one taken. I was wrong. Abram was reading some of the blogs I had posted and told me that he had several more of these pictures on his iPhone!

So here are the other photos Abram took with his phone from the Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop.

There was Luke and Theresa

Jacinta and Rachel

Joey and Rachel

And backwards Joey with Teresa. Joey thought it would be funny to show his backside instead of his head!

If anyone else has photots the would like to share with me I am always happy to receive them and use them. My blog has become my way to create a memory/photo album. I do not have time to create photo albums. I stopped doing that when Sarai was a baby! I just printed the 2009 blogs in a book. I like that the blog enables me to include the thoughts and feelings that are connected with the pictures. As I get better ( and gain more free time; it will be awhile) I will begin to make books about the past so we have continuous photo albums of some kind.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Cute photos - thanks Abram!

    Glad you got your blog book, I love having printed versions to look through. I ran out of time to make custom pages, and started having too many pictures, so the blog book is great.

    You should try some Shutterfly books for the digital camera years before you started the blog. They have really quick and easy books and come out awesome. The hard part will just be picking out favorite photos!