Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carmen's 12th Birthday

Carmen turned 12 in July 16th at 7:37am. This is the first year that we did not have to wake her up at the time that she was born. For years she would set the alarm clock so that we could say "happy birthday" at the time she was born. I guess it is official, she a teenager. Sleep is now a priority or not getting up early.

The one thing Carmen wanted for her birthday was a new bed. Rachel and she share a bedroom. Carmen has a loft bed that Abram made for Tobin and Sarai. Rachel has a smaller bed that Abram also made. We made the difficult decision to buy a bunk bed. Everyone cherishes the beds Abram has made. The day before Carmen's birthday we went to Bunk Beds and Beyond and found a bed. We ordered a double bunk bed. There is a double bed on top and on the bottom. Rachel didn't want to sleep on the top bed and since this was Carmen's big present, as well as one for Rachel's birthday, I felt Carmen should get a larger mattress like Rachel. We should have it within the next week.
Here they are modeling it for dad. I was taking pictures of the beds and sending them to Abram at work. This is not the one they are getting since the top bunk is as big as the bottom one. Yes, they will have drawers underneath.

Happy Birthday Carmen. She's looking older.

I love how animated she is when she opens her presents. After we had looked at
bunk beds we went shopping for sheets. She picked out this white, soft, fuzzy double person blanket for her new bed.

Carmen also had asked for gift cards for her birthday. I thought it was odd for me to give her gift cards if then I was going to go back to the mall later and take her shopping. So her birthday was spent at the mall finding and me buying her clothes. Sarai, Rachel and my mom came too. My mom gave her a funky pocketbook.

Here is a picture of Carmen wearing one of her birthday outfits. An Elmo shirt, jean shorts and long socks. We decided at the store that the Elmo shirt needed to fit all of us. I am sure that I will have reason to wear it to work, being that I am a kindergarten teachers aide. Yes, the shirt does fit me perfectly well.

Her birthday dinner was at Bertucci's. Here are Aidan and Rachel playing while we waited for our table.

I tried to capture a picture of Jenna, Isaac, Aidan and Sierra. I prefer the candid pictures.

We were given a wonderful waiter. He called Carmen Elmo. Rachel told him that it was Carmen's birthday. He later brought out a triple layered chocolate cake with fudge frosting! I didn't ask for him to sing to her, he took the initiative. The staff and our table all sang to her. The cake was perfect for my chocolate lover.

I forgot to say who was at dinner with us. Tobin, Rachel, Abram, Isaac, Jenna, Aidan, Sierra and myself came to dinner. Sarai had her last night of volleyball camp. Bertucci's does have a gluten free menu. I was able to order her favorite: chicken and mashed potatoes to go.

At home I had made ice cream pie for dessert. The large pan has chocolate ice cream with fudge topping. I also make individual ice cream pies in a rubber cupcake pan. I made one for Sarai with gluten free cookies as the base. The larger chocolate pie had wheat based cookies in it. I also made Java Chip Frapuccino ones for Carmen and Isaac. They both love this brand of ice cream from Starbucks. Then I made an individual one for Rachel, who doesn't like too much chocolate. Hers was cookies and cream.
Carmen asked for 13 candles in her ice cream pie; one for good luck.

Here's Sarai. After dinner we picked her up from camp and came home to sing "happy birthday"

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