Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carmen and Soccer

On July 10th, Carmen and 5 other soccer teammates played at Gillette Stadium. It is called the Futbolito Tournament. The games are 4 v 4. It is fast and the fields are small. There were 16 fields set up on the football field.

Here team wore their indoor soccer shirts. It is hard to play these games because the space between fields is approximately 2-3 feet. Soccer balls from other games are constantly coming into your field. Carmen's team did much better this year. Carmen played in this tournament last year.

Carmen likes this field better than grass. She prefers the faster paced game.

We spent the late morning and all afternoon at Gillette. Each player is offered a ticket to the Revolution game that evening. We unfortunately could not stay. Carmen was going back to Holy Cross Sunday morning.
Carmen attended the Holy Cross soccer camp from July 11th until July 14th. She decided to sleep over at this camp. I don't have any picture of her at this camp. It is run differently than the basketball camp. We did see her play in scrimmages at night from 7-8. I forgot to take my good camera the last day of camp because it was lightly raining. She had a wonderful time and plans to go back again next year.

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