Monday, July 12, 2010

Cape Cod II

Warning, this blog will be long. I tried to capture the weekend of June 26th and 27th. We spent time on the beach; at a wonderful restaurant; swam in a hotel pool, over-whelmed the waitresses at dinner on Sunday and then took over Ben and Jerry's for ice cream. More happened, if you can believe that, but those are the moments captured in this blog.

Abram and I traveled back to West Yarmouth for the weekend of June 26th. Lots of time was spent on the beach.

Here are Ada and Donny. Glad to see Donny again; it had been 5 years.

You cannot have a beach weekend without making someone go in a hole! Nice job Rachel.

or some how shrinking Luke!

I tried to capture the feel on the beach. Sierra was a main attraction with many.

Here are more of the clan socializing

also many of the Dancy sisters collaborating on a cross-word puzzle

Here are some of the portrait pictures I took.

Thomas with his shovel.

Rachel burying herself

Marita and Thomas playing in the sand

Great smile Jacinta! She's missing a few teeth though.

The white hat club began this weekend. I couldn't resist. I love this picture.

We celebrated Chip and Marie's 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday evening. Here is a picture of everyone who attended.

I am very impressed that we were able to get everyone to smile for this picture. What a feat! I had said that food and drinks usually makes everyone happy. We certainly look it. 9 out of 10 children made it down for this weekend. We missed you Jacob! Nettie and Russ's family came and Marie's parents too. Happy Anniversary!

Jesse says it well: "Cheers"!
Marie took this nice picture of Theresa and Carmen.

Here are the seven sisters with guest appearance, Theresa.

I stole pictures from Marie. She was good at getting groups of people together. Here are Carmen, Joey and Leah.

A beautiful picture of Mike and Julie.

Jesse and Sarai. I do believe burnt orange was a common color.

Jacinta and Rachel

Rita and Joe Arcifa, Marie's parents. They celebrate their 65th anniversary this year!
Russ and Abram
Marita, Sophie and Nico
Nice picture of Marita, Zoe and Mira
Marie captured me and Zoe.
Max truly enjoyed holding Sierra

A bit of daddy time between Isaac and Aidan and Mike and Thomas.
I couldn't resist capturing Thomas using his knife in a unique manner!

Luke and Tobin (Tobin was given a choice of many pictures of him and Luke and he chose this one.)

Nettie and Dylan

Carmen, Sophie, Rachel and Nico

I love Sarai in this color.

Nice shades Aidan!

After dinner many of the kids went to the Sheraton to swim in the pool. Here are some of the fish that came: Carmen, Sophie, Nico, Jacinta, Rachel, Theresa, Joey, Thomas, Julie and Aidan and their dads.

Aidan loved using the ladder to climb up and down the stairs.

Thomas with his goggles

On Sunday we went out to eat. Marie captured Joey, Tobin and Sarai at the end of one table.
Last but not least ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. This is a great picture of Aidan and Isaac. No one else peaked through this cut out.

I do believe that everyone had a wonderful time together. We left Sunday evening, but would come back on Thurs for more fun and a chance to see Jacob.

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