Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Day in Nantucket

On June 22nd, Abram and I flew from Barnstable, MA to Nantucket. This is the plane we flew in.

Seven years ago, Abram and I had celebrated our 10th year anniversary by spending a few days on Martha's Vineyard. I have always wanted to go back. We hadn't done anything for our 17th anniversary. When Abram suggested we fly to Nantucket and spend a short day there I was estactic!

The flight was only 20 minutes long. The plane was a 10 passenger plane. For those of you old enough to remember the show, the airport in Barnstable looked just like the set in Wings. Once we landed we walked a good mile and a half to a bike shop to rent bikes so we could bike around the island. During our stay in Martha's Vineyard we had brought our bikes on the ferry. Even though we had our bikes at the beach house, we could not take them on a plane!

Right outside the airport in Nantucket there is a small park. This statue and a few others were central in the park.

I called this one Dreams. I noticed that there is a smaller statue of a boy at the base. I believe he is imagining flying on a paper airplane. I also think this is a statue that represents Abram. Riding on the plane rekindling his desire to fly again. We've been home two weeks and he has already taken one 2 hour flying lesson and done remarkably well.

The second statue that caught my attention was this one with all the kids climbing on it.

We rented bikes at Island Bike Co. and went into the center. I had to take this picture of Aunt Leah's Fudge.

Nantucket has a great bike trail loop. We headed into Siasconset and took a small detour to check out this light house. The houses along the way were amazing! A discussion of owning a plane and flying places began along the road from this lighthouse.

In Siasconset we stumbled upon a beautiful restaurant for dinner. We sat outside for lunch. Notice Abram in the far right corner table. That was our table, private, quaint and romantic.

I had to take the picture of the rooster weather vane on the roof and the carousel horse in the yard. It was a Portuguese restaurant. Absolutely, amazing food.

Check out the rooster shaped rock!

After lunch we continued around the island and visited Pocomo Head. The beach just ends at the point you see. There are several points like this inside the Head of the Harbor.

Our day ended biking back to the airport and catching a afternoon plane. The bike company we rented from was great. They do free pick up from where ever you leave the bikes. This allowed us to bike right to the airport. It is great to walk into an airport 6 minutes before the flight leaves and make it on the plane. Actually the woman who sold us the tickets in Barnstable in the morning also checked us in at Nantucket in the afternoon.
We came back to the cape and the kids and told them this, "We've decided that if none of you go to college we can buy a plane and a vacation home!" We are only half kidding.

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