Monday, July 19, 2010

A Day with the Leibigs

We were blessed to see Mike and the kids the Thurs before everyone gathered for Chip and Marie's anniversary party. Mike drove from Minnesota to Boston without Cora! Amazing.

After the beach weekend, the Leibigs came to our house for two days.

During the morning hours of Wed, June 30th we went to the Worcester Armory Museum. It is the largest museum of armor in the US. We didn't see much of the museum because the play room was too cool and we spent a long time creating our own shields.

When we entered the play area Joey immediately climbed into the stocks.

Carmen seized the opportunity to dress him up in her choice of clothing. This area is filled with period dress clothing.

Here is Theresa in her knight outfit wearing a helmet. The "interactive" room had many different helmets to try on. It is amazing how heavy some of them were.

Julie loved using the castle and the figurines.

Here is a closer picture of her.

Rachel and Carmen used blocks to create their own castle.

Cora and Thomas are playing chess. There are several tables with either checkers or chess pieces on them to use.

Sarai and Rachel are using a table with checkers. Sarai and Tobin also played an intense game of checkers; I just didn't capture it.

In the center of the room is a large floor chess set. Theresa and Joey played chess with this board. Theresa had changed into another outfit for the game.

Joey modeling another example of a helmet. This helmet was incredibly heavy. I f you are wondering why Joey has white gloves on it is because anyone who handles a helmet needs to wear gloves to protect the metal from the oils on our skin.

More helmet time

We decided to leave the interactive room and create our own family crest on a cardboard shield. Behind Carmen and Rachel you can see black stencils. One wall was covered with different symbols used on shields and what they meant. There was a choice of shield color and that too had meaning. My girls had done this project in the past. This time they decided to have fun and pick symbols and colors based on taste rather than meaning. Here is the one that Carmen and Rachel created. We made veins for the dragon's wings and Carmen created silver twist marks for the unicorns horn.

Sarai is trying to fit four large creatures on her shield. You can also see more of the choices for symbols in the background.

After the museum we ventured to Jenna and Isaac's house for outside fun and dinner.

Jenna has hung a rope with a ball attached to a branch so Aidan can practice hitting. Julie loved doing this, but would get it stuck in the tree each time. Tobin graciously stayed with her and helped get the ball out of the tree. I actually heard Julie say that she liked seeing Tobin get the ball for her.

Tobin got a bit of Sierra time this night. He's becoming more comfortable holding her.

Joey also was able to hold Sierra. Thanks Cora for taking this picture.

It was great seeing the Leibigs. I hope they had fun with us too.

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