Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cape Cod Visit 1

On June 20th we went to West Yarmouth for a few days. Over the following two weeks we commuted back and forth from Shrewsbury to the cape, saw many relatives, flew to Nantucket for a day and spent time with the Leibigs at our house. I took many photos, no surprise there, and will split the events up into several separate blogs.

So, Cap Cod 1:

We drove down Sunday and spent until Wed evening at the cape. At this point in the week it was just Marie, Chip and Marita at the house. Abram has a co-worker who owns the house we stayed in. The house is at the end of a dead end street; a short walk to the beach.

This is view from the back of the house. There was a shallow inlet behind the house.

Willie gets a hair cut so often he will lie still in this chair for Marie. I cannot believe he could be this still!

Rachel and Abram enjoying some food on the back deck. The weather was wonderfully hot.

A sea gull has caught a water snake. I took this picture because I thought it was unbelievable. I soon learned that this picture would prove to the adults that the kids were telling the truth.

One of Willie's favorite spots was to hang out with Tobin while he read. Tobin is reading the driver's manual.

Monday afternoon, Chip, Marie and Marita went on a whale watch. Our kids didn't want to spend 4-5 hours on a boat so we walked around Provincetown and went to one of the national seashore beaches.
One of the blocks was this board painted with head cut outs. It was perfect for the three girls.

While we were in Provincetown, Tobin was running on the bike trail. It was tricky to find him safe places to run 6+ miles daily at the cape. We usually drove him to a bike trail.

Here he is trying to cool off in the sand after his run. He has a summer goal of 500+ miles before he travels to CO the last week of Aug to run with his cross country team. He's well on his way.

Here are Sarai and Carmen playing in the water at the National Seashore.

Rachel and Abram went in too. I think I feel asleep on sand for a bit.

my beach beauties

As we were leaving we noticed black seals swimming off the shore. I learned later that seals and whales are often spotted after 5pm from the National Seashore beaches. We were lucky. I think we saw three swimming together at one point. I didn't have my EOS camera which has a better lens, but this picture is for the memory.

Tues, Abram, chip and I went for a bike ride along the bike trail. We began in Dennis. This is us at the end. We took our single bikes to the cape.

The beach near the cape house is very shelly. There was a family that had made this heart from the shells they had collected. I thought it was a beautiful picture to capture.

Stayed tuned for more pictures.

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