Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

We adopted two adult cats on Tues!

I had announced that I was going to get a cat for my birthday a week ago. I do believe that everyone thought I was not serious. I had a vet appointment on Monday for yearly check-ups. I checked out the cats that were available for adoption. I fell in love with Marley, a 4 year old male and Rachel fell in love with Friday, a 1 1/2 year old female.

We went back on Tues to look and play with the cats more. I decided then to adopt them. Marley was the receptionist nephew's cat. She already has 6 cats and couldn't realistically take another. Marley is very friendly. he loves tummy rubs (more of a dog behavior), jumps on to high things and loves to open drawers. Friday is shy. She had been dropped off at the Cat Hospital on Good Friday, hence her name. She was getting upset at being in a cage since March. We came at the right time. Both cats are black and white.

Now for pictures:

This is Zori from Monday

Here is Marley sitting on my couch today. Marley slept with me all last night. He loves to cuddle.

Here is Friday. She hides under Rachel's bed and loves toys with feathers.
She ventured down stairs while we ate dinner tonight. She is still skittish, but I can tell all will be good very soon. It hasn't even been 24 hours and they are accepting each other very well.

Here's Cappi lying at the bricks while Marley was near by on the couch with me. I am so excited they are adjusting so quickly!

I had to keep both cats quarantined from Cappi and Zori for 24 hours. I couldn't wait that long. Wed morning I opened the doors of their rooms. Cappi had been curious but once he saw Marley, hissing began and low guttural sounds came from him, but that was it. By 5pm Marley was sitting on the couch next to me with Cappi sitting at the bricks near him and Zori across the room. All of them look at each other, but with out a single negative attitude.
I will keep you posted on their progress.

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  1. The cats sound real nice. I had been looking at black and white cats and an orange one as well, since Suzie's cat (that I have been keeping) is lonesome. Our other cat Jerry died a couple of months ago. Sometimes though I think one cat is enough. So I am waiting for the right time and cat. (Or maybe I need to go out more and see people. Ha Ha).