Friday, July 23, 2010

Kayaking in the Cape

Once the Leibigs left our house on Thurs morning (they were headed home to Minnesota, this time with Cora in the car), we head back down to the cape.

Friday July2nd, Chip, Tobin, Rachel, Abram and I went kayaking. It was fun and a bit frustrating. Tobin and I need to learn better techniques. Rachel rode in a double kayak with Abram. Chip was in a single and I was in a double with Tobin.

Here's Tobin

I took pictures when our adventure was almost over. Rachel had to make sure she was in the fastest kayak so she would finish the "ride" first. Abram said that she did most of the paddling. He was just steering.

Here's Chip

This is Tobin and me in our double kayak. Tobin and I were strong, but couldn't stay straight for long. As I prefaced myself, it was fun but frustrated. Abram thinks we traveled twice the distance because we were sailing in S formation. I've only Kayaked twice, this being number 2 and I don't know how to row a boat or paddle a canoe. I certainly would do it again.

As I was looking at pictures for this blog I realized that the following two pictures never made it into the two previous cape blogs. Many people were able to visit Sierra at the cape. She is sleeping in the wrap Marie gave Jenna. What a beautiful baby!

At the house we constantly saw rabbits hopping around. This bunny was in the back yard.

We had a wonderful time visiting lots of relatives and getting a chance to try new activities at the cape.

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