Monday, August 2, 2010

Boating on Lake Winnepesauke

The day after Carmen's birthday, July 17th, we went boating with friends on Lake Winnipesaukee. We had done this last year too. Our family friends, the Stewich's, own a boat and keep it on the lake all summer. I didn't realize that it was Kristin Stewich's birthday though! Her daughter Madelyn has been friends with Carmen since 4th grade. It was great to spend the day with them on the lake.

When we arrived at the lake it was almost lunch time. We decided to have a few snacks. The container of whip cream came out and a few mouths were filled.

We spent a good amount of our time tubing!

Here's Rachel, Madelyn and Carmen in the tube.

Then Carmen and Madelyn went out without Rachel.

Next were Tobin and Sarai. Usually we don't change riders until someone gets thrown off the tube. Bill slowed the boat down so Tobin and Sarai could get pulled in and Tobin just rolled out of the tube. He was done!

Rachel LOVES tubing. She gets thrown out of the tube, floats back up and says "let's go again!". Here she is with Carmen.

Now it was time for Abram and I. Last year, Bill tried very hard to flip us over but was unsuccessful. This year he did it! According to the kids we did a full flip in the air. Abram actually got a small black eye from the impact with the water. We did have a great time!
Time for lunch. Abram and Rachel rode the tube from the middle of the lake to a shallow area where we could anchor the boat for lunch. Boating has a world to itself. There are stores just for boats to dock and get food at. There is an ice cream boat with the same music we hear in our neighborhoods. There are also police boats.
Happy Birthday Kristin. Bill gave her sunglasses for running. They have three different lenses just like our biking glasses do. Dark for sunny days, auburn for dusk or cloudy days and clear for evening or rainy days. She was very happy.

While we were anchored Carmen and Will (Bill and Kristin's son) hung out on the float upside down.

We jumped into the water for a cool swim.

Rachel is my fish!

After lunch, we tried water skiing. Rachel, Kristin and I were the only brave ones though. Rachel tried several times. She managed to get up a bit, but not completely.

Kristin went in and out of the wake without falling. This is a first; perfect to do on your birthday.

I tried it again. I believe this is the best I did. I was able to get partially up each time but not stand up completely.

Here I am getting too much water from my butt and it all went up my nose. My arms were very tired the next day.

Sarai was given a chance to drive the boat.

So was Tobin. I believe Bill opened the throttle completely while Tobin drove. That should mean he was driving the boat at 50 miles and hour. Glad we had lots of lake without many boats to maneuver around!

We docked the boat at a restaurant called the NazBar. It has a tables on the beach and a DJ. As we walked into the restaurant area I was asked for my id. I had left in the car before we went on the boat! I told him that Sarai was my 14 year old daughter, I had to be at least 21. It took a while for him to believe me. He stamped my hand to say I could drink. I should be happy that they still want to card me.
We had a wonderful time with Bill and Kristin. Thank you for sharing your boat with us. We hope to go on it again soon. Rachel didn't get a chance to drive the boat because the sun was setting and it is too hard to navigate a boat at dusk for a novice. She hopes to do it this summer soon. We'll let you know if she does.
Cheers and again happy birthday, Kristin!

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