Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leigh Turns 37

I had a great birthday.

It began with a 35 mile bike ride around the Wachusett Resevore in the morning. We often pass by a house that has these statues at the end of the driveway. They are always dressed up seasonally. I love them. I will try to take pictures when their outfits change. At Halloween they wear costumes.

While biking I decided that I wanted to get my hair cut. I hadn't done anything with my hair since April. At the end of the year, the families in my afternoon class gave me a gift certificate to a local spa and salon. I called them and they had an opening a half hour later!

Sarai decorated my present. She used white out to write the words. This was a Scagen watch. Abram took me on Carmen 's birthday to pick out a watch. I wanted a dressier watch. It's titanium silver and very shinny. The lady selling the watch asked if I wanted to wear it out of the store. I was about to say yes, when Abram said no, it was my birthday present. I forgot that I had to wait 8 more days!

Here is another one of my birthday presents, Marley! He is a wonderful cat. He gets along with everyone. He also acts like the big papa in the family. He plays with Friday, the baby and will smack Cappi if he whines too much at me! Marley decided to climb into the carrier on his own. I leave it open for them to hide in.

Carmen gives everyone this crown to wear on their birthday. She brings it to school for friends to wear. She spent the whole day looking for it for me. Eventually we found it. I was a princess for the evening. I was embarrassing Sarai too much by wearing it outside. I realize that my hair doesn't look like I had it just done hours before hand. The hair dresser had used a skinny flat iron to make ringlets in my hair. As soon as he finished it began to rain. My hair is usually curly, but I think it went limp from the straight iron. I loved it when it was done. My curls were back!

Speaking of Sarai, her she is with her favorite cat - Zori. Aidan was being very gentle with her.

Isaac, Jenna, Aidan and Sierra came over for dinner and dessert on my birthday. Aidan discovered a scooter we had in the garage. He spent a long time pushing it around the driveway! Too cute.

Remember the Elmo shirt Carmen wore on her birthday? Here it is on me! We had tried to find a size we could all wear. Well, it fits me too. I believe wearing an Elmo shirt with the princess crown was the last straw for Sarai, way too embarrassing.

Dessert was strawberry rhubarb pie made by Tobin! I taught him how to make it the night before. His pie crust was made from scratch and excellent! I think pie is always better the day after, so we cooked it late the night before and reheated it on my birthday. I think this picture shows my hair the best.

Later in the week, I recieved another present. Abram had bought wonderful saddles for our tandem last summer. These were black; I believe the more common color. He called the company, Selle An-Atomica, a week before my birthday and asked them to custom make a brown leather one for my single bike! I love it! I looks great on my burnt orange bike and I now will never had a sore bottom from biking. Thanks hunny!

Monday, I recieved another present from Jenna and Isaac - a self standing, full length mirror that matches my bedroom set! Now I don't have to stand on the jaccuzzi tub side to see my work outfits!

Wow, I like getting birthday presents spread out over time.

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