Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Art

This summer began with several trips to the cape and continued by sport camps. Once those events ended we still had many things going on. The girls decided to create murals of themselves. I believe this project was inspired from a time several months ago when Marita and Sarai painted a huge poster of their names.

At my house Marita, Sarai, Carmen and Rachel traced each others' silhouettes on banner paper. Then they spent hours in the basement painting these banners.

This is Sarai's:

I like how Sarai used large areas of color on her person.

Here is Marita's:

I liked her mermaid looking legs.

and her heart

Carmen decided to use splatter paint effect at the end of her painting session.

I liked her name on her shirt.

She also decided to use crayon for her hair.
Rachel used the splatter paint method as well. I took these pictures While the paper was on the basement floor. The perspective is odd because I'm trying to capture the whole body.

We are still in the process of working out how we are hanging these pieces of art work.

Way back in December, Sarai was given a wall tattoo of her name. It only took 7 months, but we finally put it on her wall. Here's a picture of it. We jokingly say that now people will definitely know this room is Sarai's! For those of you who don't know, this blue is the color of her walls.

We also tie-dyed multiple times this summer. I have never tie-dyed until this winter when Carmen did a pair of white jeans. The girls wear their shirts all the time. Rachel actually had a shirt come out with a heart shape on the front of her shirt! We could not have done that if we planned it.

Rachel took another sewing class in August. She made a zebra printed messenger bag.

It completely lined with pockets sewn in.

She learned how to put on magnetic closures in the inside of the lining. I am impressed with her sewing abilities. She did all of this in less than 4 hours!

I believe her next project is her Halloween costume..

Jenna and I took a sewing class at the same place as Rachel. It was a class that was held over two Tues. We learned how to sew a quilted purse. They remind me of Vera Bradley, but I think ours are cooler.

I took these pictures with my iPhone sitting in the car waiting for take out. The purse is made of three main fabric pieces. One side has two panels of the bubble pattern and one of the flower.

While the other side has two panels of the flower material and one of the bubbles. Both sides have red pockets. The inside is lined, with magnetic closer and multiple pockets. The handles are made from the same main fabric from the outside.

Now we know how to make these wonderful purses. Both our mother's would like one! I think we have sewing projects to work on.

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